Monday, November 29, 2010

Me, My Friends and Facebook

There was eudora, hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail, etc. Then there was instant messaging, then social networking. Friendster was among the widely known social networking sites. Then there was facebook.

It was only late last year that I got myself really hooked into it. So many things happened.

I befriended people that i do not really know. I chat with them, sharing experiences even without meeting them yet. Funny, to some people but for me it is amazing.

Facebook is a witness to the evolution of true friendships, relationships, whether they have a happy ending or otherwise.

Just like mine. Facebook was there from the very beginning that love sparked. It was a roller coaster love affair. Sweet, deep, terrific, intense... only it got derailed.

FB was there during my happiest moment, the same during the loneliest. It takes whatever animosity the world has. It offers comfort to those who need it. It shares friends and happiness, and even spreads it.

I find it so amazing to see how people get connected and interact with people from around the globe. Virtual camaraderie. But FB has done even more than that.

A friend (FB friend) of mine will soon ring the bells. She is in HK and will be going to the Phils for the wedding. A friend of ours (whom we met on FB also) will be one of her bridesmaids. And she will go to the Phils all the way from Dubai. Sadly, I cannot join them.

My FB friend Mommy G, a nurse and Clinical Instructor in Bangkok, has helped another FB friend, Joy Menguito, who has cancer, all the way. From checkups to the chemotherapy. They did not know each other before. Although they came from almost the same place in the Phils, it is only through FB that they really became friends.

It is also through FB that I was able to get help for my outreach program, and influence people to do the same, to take part in my own little cause. It is also through this social networking site that I was able to touch more lives, inspire more youth... to be compassionate, to be helpful, to care for others, to have a big heart.

There are so many things that I thank FB for. On FB, I am surrounded with beautiful people, with beautiful hearts. People who have affected my life, my whole being. People who shared my happiness, pains, aspirations, failures and success. We may be coming from different locations, with different culture, with different perspective. Yet FB bonded us, not just as plain friends. There is more to it. Advocacy, passion, compassion. One day I will meet them. We will work together. I just hope very soon.

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