Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreams... Rhymes... Love

Old folks say, that if there is a will, there would always be a way. True. No matter how low we could be, we have that will to help people who are even less fortunate than us. We may have been stuck to a situation that we don't want and that deprives us from doing what we really want, trust me, in our own sweet time, as long as God permits, we will be able to achieve that goal, realize that dream.

In our case, friendship started with rhymes. Until we get to know each other little by little. Until true friendship and love (a love so different yet so pure) bloomed in just a very short period of time. This love binds us... to be strong... not for ourselves... but for others.

To my darling friend Joy, I am with you. We share the same dreams. And in God's grace, we will make this happen.

Joy Menguito: to have the chance of fulfilling,
the unachieved dreams my heart is longing..
these are the things i am always praying,
to the Lord whose love is everlasting

Bing Divina: it's not yet too late to realize these dreams
the Lord is with you making your life gleam
as a darling friend i will walk you through
hold your hand as you we make this dream come true

Joy Menguito: oh, mi amor, you're really such a darling
am really glad God moved to make us friends
a friend like you is truly a blessing
i believe i'll make my dreams come true
with you as the wind beneath my wings..

Bing Divina: sometimes we feel unlucky, deprived
already a cliche but please look at the brighter side
challenges come not to nail us down
but to make us strong until we wear that crown

Joy Menguito: you've got a point there, mi amor
life really is full of challenges
that we have to face and conquer
fight the battle to the end
no matter, come what may
as long as we did not surrender..

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