Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Bleeding Heart's Poem

This is my first day back at work after a week-long vacation and a 2-day seminar. Today seems to be a very easy Thursday. Not much updates, not much issues. I logged in to Facebook as my means of killing time. My friend, whom I call Mommy G, posted something about love... a not-so-happy post, though. Her post tickled my mind.

Having come from a breakup, the feeling is still lingering - Love, hope, pain. So I posted something on my wall... a 1-stanza poem. I knew she would reply to it... adding another stanza. We have been doing this... exchanging thoughts the poetic way. Her friend, Joy, joined us and shared her thoughts as well. Mommy G called it our poem on bleeding hearts. Now I gave it the title: A Bleeding Heart's Poem.

Here it is:

Bing Divina:
I miss the days of tales and lies
of fantasies seen in your eyes
I miss the feeling of love and pain
Just like summer, longing for the rain.

-Bing Manga-Ocampo:
I miss the days
Of love and smiles,
Of longing and honesty astrides
I miss the days when you're by my side,
Of Loving only me, oh love do bites!

Joy Menguito:

i miss everything in my life
that i wanna go back to all those times
i cherish everything in my life
...that's why i miss all those times
i wish everything is constant...
so that changes don't make us sigh
but changes is the only constant
that would ever happen in our lives
reality bites..

Bing Divina:

I miss the days we were together
Each moment's filled with happiness and laughter
But in this world, nothing is constant
Reality bites, that is a fact

Joy Menguito:

we can never really turn back time,
that's why we have to make the most of every time
no matter what no matter how
as long as there's no resentment in our hearts
cherish everything, good or bad
...coz that's what consists the memories
that we are going to look back come the dusk of our lives..

Bing Divina:
yes, move on as time goes by
cherish happy memories, let the bad ones fly
let the wind blow them to the skies
to the outer space, out of our lives.

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