Monday, April 05, 2010

Eighth Day in KL

April 5, 2010. Monday. Went to KLCC. Let the time pass. Just winding up. Had lunch at Burger King. Purchased my own camera, a Sony Cybershot, DSC W380. The ultra-slim and stylish 14.1 megapixel, 5x optical zoom camera equipped with super wide-angle 24mm F2.4 G Lens promises clearer and sharper images even in low-light situations. The feature I like the most is the sweep panorama. . I can take beautiful panoramic shots by sweeping the camera horizontally to create landscape shots, or vertically to capture tall objects.
I got this camera for a good price of 999MYR, inclusive of a 4G memory stick, a camera case and of course, a wrist strap. If we are to convert the amount to PHP, that would be roughly 14kPHP. But when I checked the Sony website Philippines, the price in the Phil market is actually 19999PHP. Wow! I saved almost 6000PHP. Not bad!
I am certified facebook addict. Well, I had to harvest my crops in farmtown to avoid withering and losing money. Aside from that, I needed to talk to my sweetheart who is currently in the other side f the world. I am missing him, terribly. Anyway, I was online 2 hours, spending 16MYR as the rate is 8MYR/hour. That’s around 100PHP/hr rate. Some things are cheaper here, some are not.
After KLCC, I went to Ampang point had to buy some supplies, my kikay kit and I need medicine fro cough. I have been coughing badly and I don’t want to be suspected as AH1N1 carrier. There were two ladies who died of the virus just recently.

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