Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ninth Day in KL

April 6, Tuesday. Went to KLCC again. This time I would want to make a good use of my camera. I went to Petronas Galleri. I took photos of the paintings on display as a souvenir. But one of the guards approached me and advised me that taking photos was actually prohibited. And I was asked to delete the photos taken and so I did to my regret. The guard did not check whether I have really deleted the photo or not. Sigh! I shouldn’t have deleted all of them. Well, I am a good girl. Better follow rules than e sorry. Kaso sayang pa rin… kung alam ko lang…
I went to the Petrosains. That is Petronas’ discovery center. Paid 15MYR to experience Petrosains. I was on a mini train and I was introduced to science (again): Rainforest, Dinosaur age, etc. Then basic discoveries, magnets and all. I felt like I was an elementary student. I interacted with other tourists, played games with them. Petrosains has an aero space exhibition. For minutes, I was a NASA officer manning the space center. I even have a picture taken as a floating astronaut.
Then, I was introduced to motors, engines and other stuff. Afterwards, I and other tourists boarded a helicopter that ‘brought’ us to the oil platform. The ‘flight’ was a bit bumpy as we headed straight through a storm. Good thing our ‘pilot’ was good and we ‘landed’ on the oil platform safely.
Tia Linda met me and we went to the Pavilion. The posh shopping mall in KL. It felt like I was not I a mall. Felt like I was in a hotel. We were like teenagers doing shenanigans, having pictures taken.
We went to Bukit Bintang. It is the place where you can haggle as low as you would want. We bought fridge magnets. We got 3 for just 10MYR. Imagine, I bought two fridge magnets at KLCC for 15MYR each. I felt I was tricked.

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