Sunday, April 04, 2010

7th Day in KL

April 4, 2010. Easter Sunday.
Initially, we planned on going to Bukit Bintang as I have been wanting to buy a camera on my own. But tia Linda got a call from on of her friends and she was inviting us for lunch.
The Bukit Bintang trip was cancelled and we went to Bernadette’s house for lunch. Wow! This will be the first time in the week that I would have pork. Nice. There was chti-chatting, and drinking after wards. Tia Linda got drunk. Mabu! Wait till you see her picture. She was all red. When she fell asleep, I was forced to take her place. I, too, got a bit drunk. Tipsy, perhaps.
We had fun. They are the same people we were with the last night. Only now I feel more comfortable mingling with them.

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One more thing I enjoyed at Bernadette's house is their pet chihuahua, Kimi. She is so friendly that whenever the doorbell rings, she would be the one to head to the door and be the first one to greet the visitor.

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