Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sixth Day in KL

April 3, Black Saturday. We were already at the church as early as 10am. There was a rehearsal for the candidates for Christening and confirmation and their respective sponsors. Tia Linda is one of the sponsors.
We drove to Putrajaya. I was fascinated by the bridge. Then the mosque. We had our lunch in putrajaya.i also witnessed women who were painting a satin cloth. They call the end product as batik. Hmmm… we have in the Philippines as well.
We wanted to go to other places in Putrajaya but too bad, we got a flat tire. Tia Linda had to have the tire changed. She dropped me off Ampang Point. I planned to go to KLCC and be familiar with the place even more. But I roamed Ampang Point. I have been looking for a bookstore where I can buy a notebook whose cover can also serve as a passport holder. Lucky I found one just for 8MYR. Mind you, the passport fits in neatly.
Tia linda picked me up around 4:30. That was after the tire had been changed, we headed home, took some rest had quick dinner and prepared got ready for the Easter Vigil.
At the church, I was seated with locals. They pretty much look like Filipinos. They’re nice! I am so delighted that the choir sang songs that I know of. I felt like I was not really far away from home. I admire the choir members as they were singing as if they were in a concert. The energy was high, it would be impossible for someone to doze off.
On this same Easter vigil, I witnessed about 40 adults who were baptized. There was even one could already be in her 50’s. Welcome to the Catholic Church! There were also several who were confirmed. It is heart warming for a Catholic like me to see the Catholic Church growing and the coverage of Christianism grows even wider. It saddens me though that here in Malaysia, aside from infants being baptized, there are adults who have chosen to embrace the Catholic Faith whereas in the Philippines, there are people who turned away from the Catholic faith and professed other faiths. I’m sorry. I cannot help it. I may not be a fanatic but I am a Catholic by heart. I may not be an exemplary Christian but I am a Christian.

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Hmmm… do people know that I am generous that even here in KL, I was given a solicitation letter?
The Black Saturday ended up with dinner at Bukit Indah Food corner. While we were having dinner, we were throwing head-cracking question (logic questions). It is amazing to see people with different races (Indian, Malay, Chinese and Filipino) having good time together.

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