Saturday, April 10, 2010

13th Day in KL

April 10, Saturday. Initially, we planned to go to the falls where Tia Linda fell and almost caused her life 5 years ago. But since she was not feeling well, I told her that the falls visit can still be postponed. She needed to rest as she needed to have energy for their BBQ party in the afternoon. But hardheaded as she is, she did the house chores: mopped the floor, did her laundry. After lunch, she said she was tired. So she just sat on the sofa and watched a pinoy soap.
It was almost 6pm when we went to the BBQ party. There were just a few who arrived. I helped grilling what needed to be grilled. Chicken chops, lamb chops, chicken wings and sausages. At around 7pm, the party started. In just a few minutes, Tia Linda’s fruit salad has been finished. Wow!

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There were a lot of foods: pasta, cakes, jelly, baked potato, nasi briyani, Singaporean rojak. It was a feast! I met another Filipino who’s married to a local Chinese, Joy. She came fro the Visayas and she was also very accommodating. We were chatting while eating. Then I asked her, ‘wala bang palabok?’ and we just laughed.
At around 8:30, tia Linda had to go home. Said she was again not feeling well. However, she left me as her representative.
There were party games for children and adults alike. We played charades, guys versus ladies. Sad to say, we lost. So we ended up belly dancing.
At 10, uncle Thomas drove me home.

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