Sunday, April 11, 2010

14th Day in KL

April 11, Sunday. Since Tia Linda is not feeling well, I did not go out. She said that I should go to Aquaria and just don’t mind her, said he could call for her friends should she need assistance. I chose to stay. What if she collapses and could no longer call for help? I’d rather stay. At around lunchtime, she said she felt so weak and decided to see a doctor. Since she can’t drive, she called for Uncle Theo and we brought her to the nearest clinic. The doctor himself could not determine whether she has dengue or AH1N1 (there are still AH1N1 cases in Malaysia, KL to be particular). She was given pain reliever and antibiotics. When we got home, both of us fell asleep. It was so hot outside that you could feel the heat getting into your flesh. Aside from sleeping, we spent the rest of the day watching a Pinoy soap on DVD.

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