Saturday, April 10, 2010

12th Day in KL

April 9, Friday. I was at home the whole day, fixing my things., organizing photos, etc. Times flies very fast. The next thing I knew, Tia Linda came home and she told me we have to go somewhere. She called up Susan, Uncle Theo and we went to a local food stall that serve Bakut The (pork boiled with different herbs). They had me try the Malaysian Bakut The and it was good. Actually better than the one I tasted in Singapore. We also had braised pork and rice for dinner.
Afterwards, we headed to Susan’s place to get the Aquaria Ticket (that would be a 45MYR savings). We talked about security in Malaysia. Susan shared that she once attended a seminar where they tackled about crimes in MY. According to her, the chief of police was also with the and statistics shows that most of the bad guys are not really locals. A lot came from Indonesia, Myanmar and sadly, Philippines.
I remember, several weeks ago before I came to Malaysia, the police raided an apartment where pick pocket hide. And you know what nationality they have: Filipino. Ouch!
We had to end our talk because Susan had to pick her cousin up. Tia Linda drove Uncle Theo home and we went to TESCO, a supermarket that operates until 1am on Fridays and Saturday s. Tia Linda got the supplies needed for the next day’s barbeque party and we drove home.
The moment we entered the house, seemed like bad spell struck Tia Linda. All of a sudden, she became very pale and she was shivering. I had her take ibuprofen and paracetamol. First aid. I also massage her back and forehead. She said she was cold. No AC on, no electric fan. She was already wearing sweater, jogging pants and socks and yet she was still cold. The she dozed off. Her temperature rose and eventually subsided very fast. After about an hour, Tia Linda was sweating all over. She got up and said she was okay. I let her sleep. I was on standby. I fell asleep around 4am Saturday.

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