Sunday, August 22, 2010


WANTED PERFECT HOUSEMATE... I and my co-workers often complain about our house mates. We live in deferent houses and it just so happened that our house mates seem to have the same attitude. Inconsiderate and for them everything about you matters.

Life overseas would test your patience and would test how good you are in dealing with people. For years that I have been living with other people aside from relatives, I have already, kinda, mastered how to go along with people. Working in a call center for years also put my patience to test but I was able to deal with irate customers gracefully.

But here, it is different, They would mind everything you do, everything you have. From food to the things you do. Is it a taboo to put a jar of peanut butter in the fridge? It was just a small Peter Pan peanut butter jar. Should not occupy much space in the fridge. And golly, it was the only thing that I have inside the fridge. One of my housemates complained. I actually heard him. Said 'ano naman kaya ang lasa ng peanut butter na malamig? Pampasikip lang' Right on time that I actually arrived from work. Ad you know what I did, I got the peanut butter and made a shot to the trash bin. And he asked 'bakit mo itinapon?' and I answered, 'pampasikip lang naman yan di ba. Ayan, masaya ka na?' That created tension between us. Who cares? Will I not live without him?

Does going on a fruit diet indicate that you are stingy? Oh, They never thought that going on a fruit diet is even more expensive as you have to also buy foods that can supply the other nutrients our body need. Going for Breeze detergent powder and Downy Antibac fabric softener makes me maarte. And they are expensive brands. Am I asking money from you to buy these brands? Excuse me, mas gusto ko ang amoy ng downy kesa sa amoy ng damit ninyong amoy 5/6 dito.

Does not watching TV and not going to movies on Sundays make me a loner? F**k you! It is as simple the genre where the movie belongs is not my type. And, Id rather go online, facebooking, chatting with my loved ones in the Philippines rather than watch TV. Kapatid, magakaiba ang tipo natin. Walang pakialamanan.

Last night, one house mate was telling me how to cook pili 'the right way' to think that he has never even seen how to ook crispy pili before. Last night was the only time he saw one cooking pili. Kuya, taga Bicol po ako at yan ang madalas naming gawin everytime na may luluwas ng Manila. Wala ka bang tiwala sa luto ko? Eh bakit nung nagluto ako ng adobo, naubos ninyo? Natatawa ako, hi-hi-hi-hi... sayo!

Sigh. My colleagues at work made it easy for me to get adjusted to this country, lifestyle, passion. My these Pinoys at home... They made living in a foreign land very hard for me... Sadly, they are my kababayans.

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