Saturday, June 19, 2010

untitled... can't think of one

I welcomed you to my life whole heartedly. I embraced your world tightly. I did the best I could to fit in your world. I appreciate all the efforts you did to make me happy... according to your thoughts, to your ways. You gave me so many things that you think I enjoyed. You showered me with love that you feel I wanted. You prodded me to join you in your world for you thought that it would make me complete. I accepted everything for I love you. That is what love can do.

I believed everything that you told me. You gave me a very beautiful picture of our future together. Seemed like a fairytale. Us, dancing under the moonlit, starry night. With only the two of, with angels serenading us.

Thank you for dreaming my dreams. Thank you for doing everything to make it come true although not my way but your way. Thank you for getting me out of my dark, forsaken world.

But where I am now? I am a complete stranger in this new world you introduced to me. This world changes from time to time. And where are you? Seemed like there is a thick glass wall between us. I can see you, but I can't touch you. I can see you opening your mouth, saying something but I cant hear you. Everything seems to be a maze. One wrong move and I am at a loss. I would have to start all over again. I am not even getting near you... I am getting farther from you.

I feel so all alone. Shattered. Scared.Torn. Confused.

Then I saw your hand. I wanted to hold onto it. But someone's hand got it first. And you were gone. Now I am left all alone. Abandoned.

Ahh... I don't know where to go. I sat down for a little while. Trying to find the courage to move on. I have to. I need to find my way out.

The picture of the world you showed me lingers on my mind. It saddens me. I looked forward to it. Only to be disappointed of what I got my self into. Was it all lies that you showed me? Or was it just fantasy.

I felt a bump. OOUUCHH!!! found myself lying on the floor.

Now, I am back to reality. I realized, everything is just a dream.

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