Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mr. Holland's Opus: A story of a father, a teacher, a dreamer, a man

This movie presents the life of a frustrated musician who took a teaching job to support their daily needs. Glenn Holland later discovered that he had a passion for teaching, teaching music to kids and he even went out of his way just to make kids understand and love music. He succeeded in his goal. He became known for his music,he was loved by his students.

He was at the peak of his career when his son was born. He could have been the happiest man that time had it not for his son having a hearing deficiency. How could he make his son understand his passion for music and make him into it as well? That was his struggle. His son's condition became the wall that kept him away from being a dad to his son.

This movie shows the emotional struggles Glenn Holland had. But he was able to surpass them. And it was not yet too late, he was still able to patch things up between him and his son.

This is a beautiful story that I would like to dedicate to all the Fathers in the world who in some way, have the same issues with their children. Happy Father's day!

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