Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Third Day in KL

Marh 31, Wednesday. Third day in KL. I have been wanting to go out around town. But as usual, I have been a sleepy head. Although it’s late, I got myself ready to go out. But heavy rains poured, with thunder and lightning. My! Seems I should not go out all by myself. So okay, stayed at home. Went online again. Worked on my Farmville, farmtown and café world. Well it has been a long time since I asked ate agnes to take care of my farms and my café. I was so amazed with the new addition to each game.
When Tia Linda arrived, she told me that we need to get some supplies. Fruits actually. She told me that there is a nice night market where we could get the supplies from. And so we drove off. We stopped at a nearby food stall and had dinner. I had rice, kalian, some chops of pork, salted fish and another veggie and I got al those for only 8MYR. Not bad. The meal could make one full for the whole day.

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