Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Second Day in KL

March 30, Tuesday. Second day in KL. I have planned to go out. However, I have been a sleepy head and woke up very late. Had coffee for breakfast in front of the computer. Checking my email for an update. I am wishing that the companies I have submitted my resume to would consider me for any position they could offer me. Got emails. One invites me for an interview for a SAP executive position – that’s ORACLE based. What do I know about oracle? I am not qualified. I know where I should belong, in the firs place. The other email is from an agency inviting me for an interview as an indoor sales associate for computers and computer parts. I can do it, why not. But they need someone who can converse in Bahasa. Oh no!
In the evening, Tia Linda’s friend, Susan Stewart and her son came over. She is a licensed tour guide and she just came from India. She brought Malayan chicken curry, while Tia Linda prepared Chinese fried rice, fried fish, Pinoy tortang talong (stir fried bitter gourd with egg) and her Sudanese housemate, Nazar prepared and Arabic salad. Was that a multi-cultural meal?

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