Sunday, March 21, 2010

Third Day in SG

March 20 Saturday. Third day in SG. As always, my day started late. Roma and I went to a Thai food stall and had our brunch. It was almost 11am. I treated my self to a rice meal: pepperpork rice while she had pard thai. That was a heavy meal. Good enough for 5SGD.
James came down and we were thinking of going to Sentosa. But it was raining hard. Since it is Mama’s birthday, we made an overseas call to the Philippines to greet her. I was teary eyed when I was talking to. All of a sudden, I miss home. I miss Philippines. But I can’t let James see me crying because of homesickness. As much as possible I don’t want him to feel bad. So I have to cheer up.
As we were waiting for the rain to stop, we saw Roma having difficulty carrying all her bazaar stuff. James and I helped her and eventually decided to join them at Clarke Quay Bazaar instead of doing nothing.
Clarke Quay. This is my first time to be out of Little India district. The site of the Singapore River at night is fascinating.

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