Friday, March 26, 2010

Eighth Day in SG

March 25 Thursday. Since I have been scheduled for an interview the next day, I need to find a decent clothes to wear. I only got jeans and shirts, that’s why. Roma and I went to Bugis Village. This is the Divisoria of Singapore. We bought black shoes, black blouse and black skirt. Will I be going to an interview or will I be going to a funeral? Anyway, black is beautiful. Elegant.
When we got back at the hostel, it was time for us to prepare the clothes that we would be bringing to the bazaar. While we were doing the inventory, I kept on trying Roma’s products. My, they are even better to the ones I bought from Bugis. I bought 2 dresses from Roma, one black, one pink. Modesty aside, I look sexy. It is my other personality.
Will I be changing my wardrobe from sporty to sexy?

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