Monday, September 03, 2007

some poems to share

i love poetry and so is writing poems ever since i was in elementary. i write poems about life, dreams, nature, love. and my favorite subject: FRIENDSHIP.


You are a special gift,
a treasure to be kept
A song that doesn't fade,
a flower God has made

So simple yet so gay,
admire do I that way
Rhodora mine in May,
you're sweet in summerday.

A rose in my garden,
a delicate maiden
a gem in a river,
lucky I am you're there.

The way you walk and talk
has captured second looks.
A smile drawn on your lips
can cause my heart to leap.

I see you everyday,
your eyes sparkle gay
You are a masterpiece
with love God has polished.

My Wish

I wish I were a painter now
To paint and paint nice things around
To give the waters all the hue
The oceans tint, the seas some blue.

Oh how I wish I could write songs
And learn to play melodic gongsT
hen I'll compose a lovely tune
To serenade you with the moon.

I wish I could the guitar strum
Then make its sound travel afar
From where I am do let me startan anxious journey to your heart.
I often wish that you and I
Would be together as we fly

Our wings do flutter... soar the sky
Reach for the dreams we aim so high.
Why in the world I wish like this
Impossible, I know it is

But then I love a wish this way
Will it come true? Then come what may

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Good post.