Monday, September 03, 2007

September: welcome Christmas, welcome puppies...

September 1, 2007. I arrived home at around 7pm after almost 24 hours after I left. My shift actually ended at 9am and I had to stay at the office until about 2pm to reply to email. I had to meet the quota of 120 email answered for the whole month and I was 25 emails behind. After work, I had to meet with some folks from the company I previously worked with. After meeting with them I wandered around Quiapo area. Wow! I was and still am amazed with the place. Busy streets, noisy jeepneys, a lot of people one would bump into. And... it is in Quiapo where I first heard a Christmas carol being played... Hmmm... First day of September. It marks the beginning of the Christmas season. So much for that.

When I arrived home, I found Yvonne (our pet dog) lying at the front door. She was moaning and I could sense something was wrong with her. She is pregnant and we were already expecting her to give birth first week of the month. I caressed her belly and that somewhat soothed her. She wouldn't eat. She wouldn't even drink milk. She wouldn't eat chocolates (hey, I know some of you might think I'm losing my mind as chocolates are bad for dogs. Well, Cadbury and Toblerone are her fave brands. You will be amazed: She could even finish half a gallon of caramel ice cream in less than 30 minutes). Since this is the first time that Yvonne got pregnant, she had to go through a lot of difficulties. (Once, I was awakened by her banging on the door as she was very unfcomfortable with the puppes moving inside her tummy. ) Water bag burst out around 8:30 and she was bleeding as of 9pm. But she didn't think that she was about to give birth. Instead, she was banging at the door and whinning as if begging me to allow her to go out. Perhaps she was just thinking (as if dogs think) that she was just going to pee or poo (she would never make a mess inside the house). Seeing the blood dropping, I called my brother and he carried Yvonne and laid her down under the stairs, on an old towel. We alternately caressed her tummy. I could feel the pain Yvonne felt. I was crying and my brother and I were praying for the dog to be able to give birth normally. We don't know of a vet clinic near our place (in case she had to deliver using the CS procedure).

A few minutes after 10pm, the first puppy came out. A chocolate brown-furred one. Just like the father. Wow!!! I sighed with relief. That time, I was already 25hours awake. I couldn't sleep of excitement. Everyone in the family was excited. My sister in law rushed down just to have a peek at the new born puppy. It's a female. We waited for the next pup. It was a long wait. Yvonne was too tired. It seemed the pain was unbearable for her. My brother continuously carressed her tummy compassionately. At around 11:05, the second pup came out. With the same color as the first one. The only difference is that the second one has some white linings at her tail and feet. There was a one-hour interval for each puppy. At midnight, the third one was born. This one has white fur and some large choco brown spot. Same thing with the fourth one. She also has spots: the only difference is the size and the position of the spots. Soon I will be posting pics of these little darlings. Sadd to say all of them have dark faces.

Whew!!! Everyone was excited and tired. Yvonne was exhausted. She was dead tired. If only she could already sleep. One thing she couldn't really do as she had to feed her puppies. Four cuddly puppies, all female. I am thinking to name them after the "Midnight Cabinet" member: Nelly (my good buddy), Ria, Ibyang and me.

At 2am, we were able to go to sleep (after 29 hrs of being awake). What a way to start September.

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