Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lingering Looks

It has been a while since I’ve been on Facebook. I met friends, I wrote about them, how they make me feel special, how they hype up my everyday, how they mean to me.

I have always been thankful to FB as it served as a channel for me to meet people with hearts of gold, with compassion, with lending hands.

However, it just saddened me that FB also become a flume where people paraded their lies in all colors so attractive to everyone. A flume that leads to a ravine… unfortunately, I fell… hard.

I just miss the days when everything was so simple.

Mom, I miss the old times. I miss you and Sher. I miss us.

Bing Divina:
i missed you the whole day
i missed the game we used to play
anticipating posts with rhyme
looking forward to such replies
i am also missing our dear friend Sher
Also waiting for a post from her
even a penny that she may share
coming all the way from
Bing Manga Ocampo:
^I haven't been far...juz within your reach,
For how can I forget our walks at poem's beach?
Sher is somewhere there, a friend who loves a lot,
But for a reason, she silence on the gap,
Life for her ain't easy as we look at it like that;
Rather we both know she hangs around the warfts. :)
Bing Divina:
it is amazing, don't you think?
see what our technology can bring
connecting people miles away
with sweet words to say..
you and Sher, to me, are both extremes =)
I am at the middle and so it seems
I may be meek but never weak
I can be wild just like a beast
Bing Manga Ocampo:
^^Angels overrun as what we used to say,
For friends to stay and love you in a day;
Let laughters resounds in the depth of our souls,
When for one thinks we can all re-grow.
Bing Divina:
this game we play stirs my mind
brings back the will for me to write
i wanted to stay but i cannot
for job awaits, else, it'll rot.
goodbye for now, still have to work
this pile of papers is not a joke
Bing Manga Ocampo:
^^Soar golden Hawk!!!
Go amidst the tentacles of no joke. ;)
Sher Briones:
I`m hovering around no direction I couldn`t find;
I forgot a while that I have two Bees around,
Expressing their thoughts and love which push me to go forward
Left and right they guide me thru the night...
Love you Hunnies♥
Bing Divina:
so delighted to have read
a reply to this post from one dear friend
now i can say my day is complete
you could have seen my smile so sweet
Bing Manga Ocampo:
For all these times you stood by me,
For all the truth that I made you see;
For all the joys we 3 brought to our lives,
For all the wrongs that we made right.
(oh kanta na yan mga mahal q kaso tig plagiarise buda tig- modify q waaa di dw aq ma... demanda sadi? LOL)

Bing Divina:
            because you,two, love me....
Bing Manga Ocampo:
            ^^hahahahaa ow yeaaaaah ♥ hun .. ♥ fly ... ♥ moi he he..
Bing Divina:
            Threesome tayo?
Bing Manga Ocampo:
            pde ...pdeee weeeeeeeeeeh LOLz saan? where? yay!

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