Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Call Center Job

Today, I took in calls for Samsung contact center. My first call was a big mess. since I did not really go through a classroom training, I don't believe that I have adequate knowledge about the product and my support.

As a General Advisor, I am supposed to answer generasl questions as quick as I can. But Since I am not really sure of what to tell the customer, I am at a loss.

Perhaps, I wouldn't have any difficulty dealing with customers as this has been my job for the last five years back in the Philippines. My job was to assist customers whatever issues they would have with the product our center supported, whther it would be a gaming console, computers, routers, network issues, technical assitance and we would even provide general customer service such as billing and disputes.

My task here is quite easy. jsut pretty much advise the cust whether their warrnty is still up, set up appointment with technicians, set up appointments for the technical advisors to call them. Easy! To add, there are not a lot of calls on Sundays. If I would have to compare this account with the previous accounts I have had handled, this one is like a past time for me. not much calls unlike before that I would have to always press ACW just for me to have at least a breather. Here I spend most of my time doing my own stuff.. like this one, blogging. I would take calls for about 5 mins and rest for the next 20 minutes. How I wish, everyday is like this.

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