Sunday, March 28, 2010

11th day, leaving SG

March 28, Sunday; my 11th day in SG. I woke up, I’d say early. My phone said it was 6:19 but it was still very dark outside. Pack up time. Today, I am leaving Singapore. But not for long. I will be going to Malaysia. Will stay with a fellow sorsoganon. Malaysia will be good on the budget. It is much cheaper in MY compare to the cost of living in SG. James and I took a cab going to Kovan City. That is where the CitiExchange Express & Services terminal is located. We bought a ticket bound to Kuala Lumpur and had quick breakfast together. Fried rice meal, kinda Filipino. At 8:am, the bus JLD 3598 left the terminal and after about 20 mins we were already at the Customs. Had my exit stamp on my passport. At 8:32, I was already out of SG territory, crossed the bridge and at 8:36, we were already in Johor Bahru. Malaysia, here I come. I have to go through the whole immigration scrutiny again. My, that was kinda tough. I don’t look like a terrorist but the immigration guy suspected that I will be staying in MY for long. He even told me that I might go job hunting in MY. Well, he gave me the idea, huh. 9:05, I finally got out of MY immigration. They allowed me to stay in the country for 30 days.
The trip going to KL is a long one. Here, I cannot see coconut trees as we used to have in the Philippines. But, I can see vast palm plantation. They look good. I feel sleepy but I would rather have sight-seeing. I am also thinking of what to do first thing when I get to KL: need to have my SGD changed to MYR, find a pay phone and call Tia Linda. She will be picking me up and I failed to call her before leaving SG.
1:20. The bus arrived at Puduraya. I need to take good care of my things as there snatchers, pick pockets, holduppers, I was told. I alighted the bus, very cautious of people around me. I am a foreigner and in as much as I would want to act just like a local, I cannot. Halatado ako. I had my money changed, and phoned Linda. We agreed that I would be waiting for her inside KFC-Putrajaya. Well, KFC is a place that I can trust. But, old rule should be followed: never talk to stranger.
It was not long when Linda arrived. The last time that she saw me was when I was 6. Also, I could hardly remember her face. But it was easy for me to recognize her as her face resembles the Digos I know in our place. At around 2pm, we were already heading to her place: 1a 3-12 Rose Apt 1/20, jalan Bukit Indah, 68000 Ampang Selangor KL.

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