Friday, March 19, 2010

First day in Singapore

March 18, Thursday. First day in Singapore. Woke up around 10am. A bit late. James has to be at work at 1pm. We had our morning rituals and went out for brunch. I had rice, prawn fritters and fried eggplant for breakfast. Hmmm… pretty much Filipino meal. I walked with James to the nearest MRT station: Farrer Park. When he already left, I went to the adjacent mall, City Square Mall. Just letting the time pass and getting familiar with the place, trying to get ideas about the Singaporean culture, smiling back at people who were smiling at me. I don’t know if their smiles mean they welcome me to SG. Well, for sure, it is obvious that I am new to Singapore.
I am relived to see McDonald’s, KFC and other familiar food chain. I wonder if there is any Jollibee in SG.
When James arrived in the evening, he had me try hokkien mee, a Singaporean dish. It may not taste that good but it was not bad either. M sweetheart was surprised seeing me using chopsticks. Well, he must have underestimated me, huh!
After dinner, we went to Mustafa, a 24-hour shopping mall. We bought some supplies (much cheaper than 7/11) and James bought a pair of adidas jogging pants for each of us. We were able to get back to the hostel around 1am.
Singapore is a very safe place. You can even walk alone even during the wee hours of the night without worrying of anything. And there are no policemen in sight. Try doing this in Quiapo, Manugit, Divisoria, Pasay or other places in the Philippines. Would you feel safe?

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