Monday, December 21, 2009

will you be my friend?

(this poem is for a friend i met through facebook, Sheryl Briones. it is so amazing that despite the fact that we haven't seen each other, and we only communicate through facebook, it is as if we've been friends eversince.)

My name might really ring a bell
You may have known it very well
And I could be a friend so dear
Or one you'd wish to go to hell

I do desire to be your friend
That's why this poem for you is made
Herein do lie thoughts being kept
A pledge of friendship I now make.

Discover all the mystery
And you will more about me
I may not be how you see me
My soul, life's depth, more you will see.

I thank God for a gift that's you
A friend, a sister for me, too.
I will be good, I promise you
I'll be your friend, a friend so true.

I wish to paint the town with red
With happy colors till the end
Join me please, my dear, good friend
I'll wait for you just 'round the bend.

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