Sunday, November 01, 2009

silang mga Eba sa buhay ko

The post may be untimely. It's not Women's day nor Mother's day. But these photos were taken on Mother's day 2007.

It is very seldom that I'd have enough time for a vacation. Since my off fell on Mother's day, I prodded Sally Diaz, a friend who is a teacher, to give me the contact details of my elementary teachers, and so she did. Thanks to the cellular technology as it made the communication better and faster. Although it was only a very short notice, I was able to contact Mrs. Salvacion Escolano, my grade 6 teacher, Mrs. Denny Ballesteros, our principal and Ms Arsie Tolentino, one of my HS teachers from Colegio de la Milagrosa. I told them that we would have a date. None of them knew that it would be a big crowd.

Me, my brother Arnold and my mom attended the 9am mass at the Cathedral. After the mass, we headed to Chowking, had late breakfast while waiting for the rest to show up. They were a bit surprised. My Aunt, who I am very close to, my cousin Alvin and his wife, my cousin Erika and my teachers. Was it a PTA meeting? It was not.

I guess, it is just but proper to treat these ladies out. It is my way of thanking them, for everything that they have done to and for me. These people are a big part of what I have become. Just a simple "Thank you" will never be enough for the untiring patience and guidance in moulding a student.

I am looking forward to seeing all my teachers, complete, in one big event. Mrs, Veronica Digo, Mrs, Hermilina Duka, Mrs. Cora Jeresano, Lola MIling Dio, Ms. Teresita Dicen, Mrs. Lydia Jintalan, Mrs Guia Dometita, Mrs DD Bolanos, and of course, my HS teachers. When will I see them all together? Will it be on my big day? I also wonder when it would be... =)


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