Sunday, November 15, 2009

a little girl's dream

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of serving the community – reach out to people. Politics is out of the picture, though. Education would be my priority. I dreamed of making my Alma Mater, San Isidro Elementary School (SIES) the center of excellence in the district, moreso, in the whole division.

I would want to see the kids graduate equipped with the necessary training they need before entering high school. Knowledge, coupled with technology would make them even more prepared for the battle and that will help them perform better and be achievers. It is my dream for my Alma Mater to be a plce where talents are honed and skills are developed. The barrio has a lot of talents that were often ignored due to lack of support from the community. Funds and proper machinery should be considered as well. The school has already proven its prowess. SIES has already produced professionals and young achiever, alike. There are young journalists, young artists and a lot more. Imagine of the kids get all the support they could have. These things are just petty. Funds can be raised – to finance training, to acquire facilities.

We started in 2007. I worked hand in hand with Mrs. Concepcion Domanico, principal of SIES. We conducted journalism workshops. And the kids did not fail us. They competed and brought home the bacon. And with the help some kind-hearted people, we were able to raise funds to augment the expenses incurred during the competition.

In 2008, I asked my friends in Manila to help me in my simple cause. We slashed off some amount from what we used to spend for gimmicks. We were able to raise enough money to purchase a set of PC. Now, SIES has one PC. I was wondering when we would have another one. This year, I got so hooked with Facebook. Thanks to Facebook, though. I have known Sorsogon United (c/o Mr. James Ego) thru FB. And he joins me in my cause. He will donate a set of PC come December.

I believe in SIES and its teachers. I know the school can develop kids to excel in language, theater, sciences and technology. We can send more kids to places, to compete, to show what they’ve got.

This is my dream. I wish to make a difference. I would share what I could to people – to the less fortunate. I wish to touch people’s lives, in my own little ways.

I am starting with SIES. I wish to improve the quality of education. I would want to see the kids have fun while learning. This dream can be realized. But I cannot do it alone. I need people to join me in this cause – people with compassion. Together we can make a difference.

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