Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anna and the King and the song How Can I not Love You

Anna and the King is a movie that should touce one's heart. Based on a novel, it is the story of Anna Leonowens‘s six years at the court of Siam. The novel turns out to be a collection of memoirs of Anna herself, of the period she spend at Thailand serving as governess and tutor to the sixty four children of the king.

Anna was hired by the king of Thailand in the 19th century to help care for his children. The king wants the best for his children, but Anna soon discovers that he is a strong-willed but quixotic leader, and her stay in Thailand becomes a struggle for power with romantic overtones.

The clash between King and Anna is polite yet sarcastic, humorous yet light. Cultural contrasts between old and new, east and west; patriarchy with women’s rights, freedom and slavery, poetry and dance with a tinge of springing romance is the essence of this movie.

My ears would not get tired of listening to this song nor my eyes get tired of watching the movie. Power, perseverance, pride, betrayal, loyalty and most of all, love can be felt in the movie. would really strike your heart.

Let me share to you the music video i came up with. I captured the movie, edited it, added lyrics to it. And now, you can even sing along with it.



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