Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Lifetime Treasure

A lifetime Treasure
(a poem for Mrs. E)

Your name does really ring a bell
I know it, oh,so very well
You're Ria's mom, yes, I know
A mom I also look up to.

The day I first came to your class
I knew that I would learn a lot
I never really doubted it
and I was right, oh yes, indeed.

All the lessons that you'd teach
You taught them all bits by bits
from arts and music, even math
presented them with all your heart.

Did you ever use magic tricks
in teaching them to us, li'l kids
You always made us so amazed
In everyday that God has made.

Five days a week, to school we'd come
To learn new things with you around
You made us laugh, you made some cry
Some hated you, never did I.

I always thought that teachers are
Oh, angels fallen from tehe sky
and heavensent fro God above
to help make children's future bright.

I thank the lord, He gave me you
a friend, a mom, mu mentor, too.
You are someone I'd never trade
to any Mrs. E on earth.

And now I'd like to let you know
that all the things I've learned from you
a lifetime treasure they shall be
someone like you, that I will be.

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