Monday, September 10, 2007

And Nelly sings...

I have a friend who is generally just like me. We share the same interests, views, etc. We are both Geminis (perhaps the reason why we really get along so well). One time on my way home, and she was on her way to work (I am working on a GY shift), we were exchanging sms and I told her that I have a song dedicated for her - Lean on Me. And she replied "mas maganda ang kanta ko for you: Bridge over troubled water."

Honestly, I know the song but not that much. I did not even pay attention to its message. I just wanted to hear that song played when I would like to be sent to sleep. It jsut so happen that I have a compilation of MP3 files at home. So I looked for the song and listened to it. Did I miss half of my life? Friendship has always been a favorite topic I would write about. I would always collect songs about friendship. But I missed this one. The song is beautiful. The message is great. And I would like to share it with you.

(Imagine, it is my friend, Nelly, singing.)

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